The Basic Swing

For the disabled individual swinging celine bag price a golf club and hitting a golf ball can be a real challenge. But then golf is a challenge for anyone taking up the game. As an amputee golfer, celine luggage toteI feel the most important thing to learn is to swing in balance. celine luggage tote In other words you need to stay balanced and upright while swinging the club. This is not as easy as it sounds.

The typical disabled golfer's physical abilities are no where near those of an able bodied player. And you can forget being able to copy the swing of a tour player. So let's celine wallet work on an individual swing for your needs. First make an honest appraisal of your abilities. Are you able to stand or sit in one position and swing a golf club? If your sight is failing, celine bags online can you see the ball (do you need a sighted guide)? Do you need a special prosthetic to hold the club? Asses these needs and resolve any problems before you start learning how to celine luggage tote price swing the clubs.

Keep in mind that the object of swinging a golf club is to hit the ball squarely in celine bag price the direction you want it to go. How you get this result is up to you. Watch pro golfers and you will see that they all have different ways of swinging the club.celine purses Able bodied golfers a develop swing that works for them. celine luggage dune A disabled golfer's swing is going celine wallet to be an individual swing that works for them. So your swing is going to be unique celine bag price 2012 to you. There is no perfect swing and for the most part there is no right or wrong way to hit a golf ball. As long as the ball goes where you want it to go.

As mentioned earlierceline luggage phantom price you want to stay in balance. This is accomplished by swinging in a relaxed and comfortable manner. celine bag price list Grip the club comfortably so your hands and arms can be relaxed. Take the club back as celine bags online far as you can comfortably, letting the club face open as it goes back. Keep your left arm straight as you go back and let your wrist break naturally as you come to the top ofceline bag sizes the backswing. If you are able to make a turn of your waist and hips and shoulders great.

At the top of your backswing allow the club to stop celine luggage 'micro' size before you start your down swing. The down swing should be smooth and in rhythm with the backswing. Let theceline luggage dune club face close as you sweep the ball off of the ground or tee.celine luggage tote price 2012 As you swing down be sure to get as celine bag tote full an extension of your arms as you can. When you strike the ball both arms celine luggage tote price should be fully extended and relaxed. celine bag where to buy This will allow your wrists to roll from open to closed and generate power for the shot.

If you are a beginner you may want to use celine bag sizes a tee for all clubs in your practice celine bag price 2012 sessions until you feel confident you can make good contact consistently. celine luggage tote price 2012 Remember these instructions are guidelines and you will need to take into account your personal disability. Think about trying to sweep the grass under the ball.

If you are able watch professional celine bag where to buy women golfers swing their clubs. They have a rhythm and smoothness that you should try to imitate. A smooth consistent swing will lead to many enjoyable rounds of golf. Remember you want to swing through the ball,celine luggage 'micro' size don't celine purses try to just hit it. While they are not tailored to the disabled golfer you can use many of the principals they teach. celine bag tote Just remember you are going to develop your own individual golf swingceline luggage phantom price and concentrate on results not celine bag price list style..









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